Class registration is a hectic process, and it occurred to us that this is a stressful process for students, faculty, and advisers every semester.

My Academic Planner is a web application that aims create a universal location for students to access their course curriculum and view progress. Simplicity and functionality were important considerations when beginning to work on this application.
Research was the first step to begin to understand user issues with the current state of operations. This includes hosting in-person interviews and online surveys. Furthermore, on-site observations were conducted to see daily use with the Learning Management Software (LMS) that students and faculty used. 

From this data gathered we generated User Stories and clear Personas that would keep the team on track with progress. Again the keys were to create a simple, functional, and recognizable application.

After sharing the information and research gathered to stakeholders for approval next was to develop content strategy and start to develop the architecture that would show clear user flows.
Wireframe to Prototype
feature: add class
UX Designer and Visual Designer

UX Design Process
Content Strategy
Brand Strategy
UX Research
Visual Design

Technologies & tools
Axure RP 8
Adobe Illustrator
Pen and Paper

Google Drive

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