Campus-Wide Outreach Events
BroncoFusion and Homecoming were our largest marketing campaigns. This is primarily due to the larger budget we had received and the importance to draw large crowds. Our goal was to appeal to the general audience on the University campus. The biggest challenge was to create two distinct identities for these events but also maintain the interest of stakeholders and our target audience. Both events were blasted through social media, e-mail marketing, and on the main University website. As the date drew closer to each event both banners and physical posters to draw attention as well as spread by word-of-mouth.
Postcard - 4" x 6", 5" x 6"
Campus Map and Event Handout - 11" x 17"
Parking and Directional Signs - 24" x 36"
Schedule Signs - 24" x 36"
Banners - 60" x 300"
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