This is a community for dedicated individuals with a passion for game design and its development processes. Established at California Polytechnic University, Pomona, the founders wanted to bring together people with an interest to work in the video game industry and provide their community the resources, education, and support that would enable them to pursue their dream careers.

The Game Design & Development Club sought to re-brand their club organization in order to unify this organization, acquire audience attention, and become recognizable in its future to come. This process starts with defining clear identity systems and brand strategy.
Identity System
(2) Poster - 8.5" x 11"
Merchandise: T-shirts, Jackets, and Stickers
Meeting Slides - compatible with PPT and Google Drive
Logo Process
Clear & Distinct Identity
The Game Design & Development club focused on their multidisciplinary community to distinguish themselves from special interest clubs. The logo incorporates their 4 core foundations: art, programming, design, and games. The color palette stems from the origins of the computers green text on a dark screen and Cal Poly Pomona university brand colors.
Ready to Roll Graphics
In addition to a new logo and identity system, this project resulted in additional elements to unify the visuals in the Game Design & Development Club. These assets include presentation decks, merchandise, and additional printed and digital collateral.
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